Welcome to my simple Utility Hub

Designed and programmed using basic HTML,Bootstrap CSS, AJAX and JavaScript

Simple To-do list app

A simple app to manage your daily tasks.

Guessing Game

Just...Guess a number!

Loan Calculator

Calculate how much of your $ that bank is eating!

Chuck Norris Jokes!

You WILL laugh

Weather App

The title is self-explanatory

New Year Countdown

See how much longer you'll have to wait for the eydis!

Movie Seat Booker Project

Book the best movies ever

Custom Video Player


Exchange Rate Calculator

IRR not included and you know why :(

Person Generator

I'm out of ideas for descriptions

Simple Landing Page

Something you see all over the internet

Hangman Game

Save me!

Food Finder

Don't know what to cook?

Expense Tracker

Save that money!

Music Player

With Custom styling

Website with infinite posts

Simple Async Await Project!

Speech app for Non-Verbal people

Speech Synthesis

Typing Game

Test your typing skills

Song Lyric finder

Really useful

Relaxer App

Time to relax

Breakout Game

JS heavy project




MagFeral Project :D

Memory Cards

In case you're forgetting stuff

Vocal Number Guessing game

NOT WORKING ATM(Browser not giving mic access)